Enquiry on Accreditation Process:

What do I need to become accredited for the first time?
The detailed criteria for accreditation at all levels are available on the ACC web site. At all levels there is a specified amount of training and supervised practice required, a case study, references and the need to produce specific logs as evidence of work done. The details are available in the accreditation menu item in the public area of the web site.
What do I do when I am ready to apply?
The current set of application forms for accreditation are available on the ACC web site which can be downloaded and filled and sent to the office email address, It is imperative to read through the application thoroughly and get the required documentation necessary for the accreditation.
Do I need to be a member of ACC to apply for accreditation?
Yes. Membership must be current when you apply and subsequently maintained.
How long does accreditation last?

Accreditation is valid for 1 year. As the validity comes to an end, the candidate can apply to the ACC website for renewal. The renewal happens with the necessary documents attached for the ACC accreditation.

I have had my accreditation forms for some time, can I still use them?
Changes have been made to the forms and the courses have been renamed so therefore when applying for accreditation, kindly use the forms and new names that are uploaded on the website. For reaccreditation, there is a renewal of accreditation form that can be used.
Can I send my membership and accreditation applications at the same time?

Yes, you can send them both at the same time, however, the membership application will be looked into first and then the ACC accreditation will be looked at. Remember you must be a current ACC member to be accredited.

Do I have to be a member for a certain period of time before I can apply for accreditation?
No, you can apply immediately.
If I am a member does that mean I am also accredited?
No. Accreditation is a separate process.
How long before I can apply for accreditation?
There is no time limit but you will need to have accumulated ACC’s specified amounts of training and supervised practice hours.
Do I have to be in practice at the time of my application?
Yes. You will need to be able to provide examples of cases that you have worked on from the last year of practice.
Do you accept supervised private practice, agency work and voluntary work?
I have just returned to practice after a break – can I apply?
Yes, but we would expect you to have been with your supervisor for at least 6 months and be able to produce a case study from the last year of practice. A letter of acknowledgement of work is required from your supervisor as well.
Can I use distance learning courses?
ACC south asia does accept some distance learning courses but in order to gain accreditation there must be some face to face skills experiences in the training portfolio. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
Should my main training course include a placement?
Yes. Most recognized face to face diploma and training courses include or require an assessed placement as an important part of a counsellor’s development. It is crucial to apply all the training that is received.
Should my main training course include a placement?
Yes. Most recognized face to face diploma and training courses include or require an assessed placement as an important part of a counsellor’s development. It is crucial to apply all the training that is received.

Enquiry on Qualifications & Records

What records should I keep?
It is very important to keep the following documents with you:
Counselling practice logs signed by the supervisor.
Supervision logs (templates are uploaded on the website)
Relevant training certificates.
References from respective authorities.
Does finishing my diploma training elsewhere automatically give me accreditation?
No. Achieving a diploma is part of the way to accreditation. Experience needs to be accumulated and if the training course is not ACC recognized then an essay will also be required.

Enquiry on Accreditation Certification

How do I prove that I have done the training?
ACC southasia requires attested copies of the counselling logs and supervision logs as well as photocopies of all relevant certificates, thereby reserving the right to contact training providers for confirmation that the training has been undertaken. Evidence is needed for your initial accreditation.
I did a course but do not have a certificate?
You will need to obtain the appropriate certificate(s) from your training provider.
How do I know whether my training was ACC recognised?
The training provider should be able to answer this question but if there is any doubt information is available via the ACC office.
Can I apply using a course that is not ACC recognised?
Yes, but it will need to be approved by ACC southasia. ACC southasia will look through the application and inform the necessary aspects that are missing.
Can I use qualifications from overseas?
Potentially yes. Each training portfolio will be assessed individually.
How do I prove my practice hours?
Counselling logs need to be signed by the supervisor and uploaded.
Can I use practice from before I finished my main training course?
Yes, provided it was supervised.
Can there be breaks in my practice?
Yes, however a letter explaining any break(s) would be required.

Enquiry on Working Methods

Is it okay to use online methods of counselling? Is that acceptable?
Yes but a detailed counseling log needs to be produced.
Can I count co-counselling?
Yes, as long as there is an understanding that both counsellors are equal in the sessions or you are the lead counsellor.

Enquiry on Supervision

How much supervision do I require?
This will be in proportion to the level of counselling that you do and the level to which accreditation you are applying.

Enquiry on Case Studies

How old can my case study material be?
A case study submission must be taken from the last year of practice.
What about confidentiality?
All case study material should be kept anonymous but we do not need you to obtain written permission from the client.
What format should my case study be in?
The format for a case study submission is included in the accreditation application forms which are available on the website. The suggested word counts can be in prose or bullet points as long as assessors can make sense of the submission. (which model should be used for the cases)
Do I have to use a completed case?
No, but applicants should cover all elements mentioned in the case study format.
Can I use a case study I have written for something else?
Yes, as long as it adequately covers the elements mentioned in the case study format.
Is the word count fixed?
The guideline is there because the assessors believe that an adequate case can be presented using the numbers outlined. If the case study is too long, too short or does not reach the required standard, the Accreditation Committee reserve the right to ask for a re-submission.


Does work with children count towards my accreditation?

For supervised practice hours ACC does not specify that work should be done with adults. Our preference is that there is a balance of both. Ethically, you should be appropriately trained, competent and/or properly supported in whichever field you work.

If accredited, will my name appear on the database?
If you are given accreditation, your name will appear in the list of counsellors that are accredited by ACC Southasia and you will be asked whether you want to be listed on the ‘Find a counsellor’ part of the ACC web site.
What happens to my application after it has been assessed?
It is retained and saved for future reference.
Once I become a member will I be informed of workshops and conferences?
Yes, you will be informed once you are a member and accredited. There are also a workshops and conferences offered at the ACC.

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